Tower 200 Workouts

Tower 200 workouts
If you’re like most us guys out there we have this deep desire to have big, strong rock hard muscles to intimidate other guys and get the attention of the ladies.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have 2 hours a day that we can spend in an expensive gym, or spend hundreds of dollars a month on trainers to make sure that we’re doing the right exercises to gain the muscle and strength that we want.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past while you’ve probably seen commercials with 5 time UFC heavy weight champion Randy Couture and his Tower 200 home gym from Body by Jake.

What’s amazing about the Tower 200 is that despite it’s simplicity it actually gives you a world class strength and conditioning workout without having to spend hours in a gym or pay some trainer (who probably doesn’t even know what they’re talking about) your hard earned cash to show you how to lift some weights.

In only 11 minutes Hall of Fammer, and one of the world most well conditioned athletes takes you through a routine that is guaranteed to increase your strength and burn that ugly fat off your body.

Scientific studies have shown that short high intensity workouts are far more effective at burning fat and building the rock hard shredded muscle that you really want then working out for long peroids of time.

Which is great because that means you get the body you want in less time. And lets face it, we all want what we want today and not tomorrow.

The quicker you get your own Tower 200 and start training with UFC legend Randy Couture the faster you’ll be able to transform into the man you’ve always wanted to be.

So Exactly is the Tower 200?

The Tower 200 is a home gym that fits onto the back of any door in your home.

The Tower 200 provides you with 200 different exercises through it’s patented “Power Cords” which are reinforced elastic resistance bands which supply you with, ironically 200 pounds of tension so you’ll never out grow it.

Tower 200 Workouts are consist of isometric and compound exercises for every part of your body, your chest, shoulders, legs, abs, and back will get trained like you wouldn’t believe..

Workouts also include moves like The Warrior, The Freak and the Demon, which are inspired by Randy Couture so you can train like a UFC champ.
Check out what some of Tower 200’s customers had to say about it after they got it for themselves:
“I have recently purchased the TOWER 200 only a month ago.

I used to go to the local gym every other day for about 2hrs. I recently had another child and was unable to go. I haven’t been to the gym in about 6 months or more.

I saw the add on TV for the TOWER 200 and was really drawn to it. I too at first was a skeptic. I said let me try it if I don’t like it I’ll just bring it back, easy, simple, and that’s that.

So when I got it I was in good shape, but losing it slowly because of my lack of discipline and availability to go to a gym, especially.

I now have the TOWER 200 on my bedroom door and use it faithfully every other day.

I love it because I can stay home with my kids and work out at the same time.

I have noticed a change in my cardio as well as in my figure from working out on the TOWER 200 about 3-4 times a week less than 45 minutes a day.

The whole thing to remember is that it’s resistance, not free weights. Resistance is better and one can incorporate cardio.

I am one who shuns mostly all products like this, including their infomercials; however, this system was worth me putting a little faith into it.

Oh and yes, I even was able to get my wife to work out on it, too!

Thank you TOWER 200!”
Jonathan – Levittown, PA

“I had started out using another work out program that was mainly cardio and used it religiously because I travel a lot for work.

I started to see great results in weight loss but was lacking muscle tone due to no real resistance.

When I saw the infomercial for the TOWER 200 I knew this was the perfect machine for me to accomplish my goals with.

Due to the go anywhere size it is easy for me to take with my on my travels. I incorporated the TOWER 200 11-minute No Excuses workout in with my cardio work and results have been phenomenal!

I have attached my before and I’m not going to say after but current because I am no where near done getting ripped with the TOWER 200!”
Justin – Pittstown, NJ

“I bought a Tower 200 just before New Years and got it on New Years Eve day which was great cause that was my New Years resolution to get back in shape.

Since I bought this I have not returned to the gym and have also cancelled my membership for a few reasons.

First and most important to me was I can work out at home for as long as I please and never have to leave the comfort of my own home, secondly I have quite a few children two of whom are infants so that option of being home and helping my wife when she needs me is a major plus, and thirdly I can invite my friends over to a workout session and not have to pay for them visiting my gym.

I have had a few friends try the machine and worked out with them on a few separate occasions and they were both impressed and sore the following day after using the Tower 200…

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that the Tower 200 made me buffed and that I look like Lou Ferrigno because I don’t, I am a lean 165 lb. young man who is getting back to where I wanna be weight wise and physically with eating right, some push-ups and help from the Tower 200…

I really am proud of the way I am defined and look.

The Tower 200 is one of the best investments I have ever made for my own personal health and for myself in general.”
David – Stockton, CA

When you order the Tower 200 from the Official Body by Jake website you’ll get:
Tower 200 Unit Fully Assembled and Ready to Go
Tower 200 Hand Grips (1 pair)
Tower 200 Ankle Wraps (1 pair)
Starter Guide with over 200 Killer Exercises to get You Started Reaching Your Goals ASAP
DVDs: “11-minute, No Excuses, Mother of all Workouts”, “Bonus Power Packs”
Two sided Tower 200 Exercise Chart So You’ll Have Instant Access to All the Workouts So You’ll Never Get Bored
If you’re looking to get results like Jonathan, Justin and David and you want to get started with your Tower 200 system and workout like UFC champ Randy Couture, place your order at the Official Body by Jake secured website to place your order.

Every order comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied for any reason you can simply return it for a full refund.

I can’t imagine that you would though, as long as you’re dedicated and follow the plan their is no reason why you can’t achieve amazing results, besides only losers give up on what they really want in life and I can’t imagine you’re one of those people.

If you have any questions about the Tower 200 or how to lose weight and build strength leave them in the comment section below.

Talk to you soon!
Tower 200 Exercises
Tower 200 Abs Workouts
Recommended Tower 200 exercises for ABS are: Standing Crunch Left Oblique, Standing Crunch Right Oblique, Standing Ab Dot Drill – Three stopping points, Standing ab Dot Drill Bottom Pulley, Around The World Top Pulley – one continuous motion, Standing Side Crunch, Around The World Bottom Pulley, Floor Crunch, Overhead Crunch, Crunch Fly, Penguin Crunch, Crunch Side Chop, Pike Crunch, Punching Crunch Alternating, Scissor Crunch, Around the World Pike, Knees to Chest Crunch, Arm Leg Touches, Perfect Pike Facing Away, Opposite Arm Leg Crunch, Side Pike Hold, Pike to Pull over, Bicycle. These exercises are from Tower 200 exercise chart.

Tower 200 Arms and Back Exercises

Recommended Tower 200 exercises for arms and back are: Pull Down Wide Grip, Bicep Curl, Standing Row, Adductor, Pull Down Cross Cable, Standing Cross Row, Upright Row, Straight Arm Pull Down, Cross Cable Straight Arm Pull Down, Bottom Pulleys Straight Arm Push Back, Rear Delt Raise, High Pull. These exercises are from Tower 200 exercise chart.

Tower 200 Chest and Shoulders Exercises

Recommended Tower 200 exercises for chest and shoulders are: Decline Press, Single Arm Chest Press, Chest Press, Chest Fly, Military Press, Close Grip Decline Press, Close Grip Push Press, Single Arm Chest Fly, Rotation Shoulder Press, Shoulder Press, Cross Lateral Raise, Single Arm Decline Fly, Cross Cable V Press, Single Arm LAteral Raise, Staggered Decline Press, Front Raise, Single Arm Squat Raise, Cross Upright Row, Facing Lateral Raise. These exercises are from Tower 200 exercise chart.

Tower 200 Legs Exercices

Recommended Tower 200 exercises for legs are: Facing Lateral Raise, Front Lunge, Front Straight Leg Raise, Mountain Climber, Adductors Inner Thigh, Single Leg Squat, Hip Flexion, Side Lunge, Abductors Outer THigh, Leg Extension, Staggered Forward Squat. These exercises are from Tower 200 exercise chart.

Tower 200 Compound Exercices Recommended Tower 200 compound exercises are: Ankle Strap Back Lunge, Squat To MIlitary Press Wide Grip, Squat to Rotation Press, Squat To Military Press Single Arm, Staggered Squat Close Grip, Staggered Squat Lateral Raise, Alternating Lunge To Military Press, Alternating Lunge To Close Grip, Alternating Lunge to Bicep Curls, Squat Front Raise, Alternating Lunge to Decline Press, Squat to High Chop, Alternating Lunge to Hammer Curl, Alternating Lunge to Front Raise, Back Lunge to Lateral Raise, Lunge to Punch, Bicep Curl Triceps Extension, Push Up to Front Raise, Push up Hold to Rotation, Pike to Bicep Curl Alternating, Single Leg Squat Bicep Curl, Back Lunge to High Shoulder Chop, Pike to Chest Fly, Pike FLutter Crunch, Push Up Opposite Arm Leg Raise, Single Leg Squat to High Pull, Pike To Straight Arm Pull Down, Pike to Bent Arm Pull Down, Back Lunge to High Low Row, Bicep Curl Triceps Extension Facing, Back Lunge to Triceps Push Down, Bent Over Straight Arm Pull DOwn To, Triceps Kick Back, Back Lunge to Bicep Curl to Row, Alligator, Single Leg Squat to Row. These exercises are from Tower 200 exercise chart.

Have you heard of Tower 200?

Have you heard of Tower 200 and ever wonder what it is all about?

At first, some might perceive it to be a tower or building as the name may imply but definitely it is not.

Well, it is a body building device from Body by Jake which was marvelously designed and now sold in the market with the purpose of helping out individuals to have big, strong, and hard muscles in just few easy steps using the 200 featured exercises.
Tower 200 has the following features which you could enjoy:
Hangs and fits on all types of doors in house, dorm or office
200 pounds resistance which assures durability regardless of your weight
With multi-tension power cords that are especially designed for different movements
Promotes 200 different exercises that push your muscles to the max. Whether you want to emphasize your biceps, triceps, abdominals or chest, there is an easy step for that. Detailed steps are shown for biceps curls, chest fly, tri-cups extension, lat pull down, shoulder press, crunches, squats and many more.
Takes up no big space as this just needs to be hanged on your door
Made of steel frame construction for resilience
100% assembled – no worries of technical know-how and no difficult specifications to understand just to install
Lifetime warranty assuring great returns for the money spent by all customers, thus a worthwhile investment
Upon purchase of Tower 200, customers can also have in the package the drop-down door chart, illustrated instructional manual, Randy Couture’s 11-minute workout DVD, ankle straps and custom padded grips.

This body building activity is also promoted by Randy Couture who became MMA Champion five times and dubbed as mother of all workouts and also by Greg Plitt, a Westpoint Graduate and army ranger.

Say goodbye to stressful and strenuous activities and those spacious and expensive equipments with Tower 200 – an all new, powerful, effective and 11-minute a day workout for your dream body.

No need for dumbbells or any other machines. Increase your self-confidence and gain admiration in few easy steps. Just screw it up on your door and get those hard, strong and big muscles ever.

From Body by Jake the Tower 200

From Body by Jake, Tower 200 is a powerful resistance band training device which has been recently launched in the market with the new and modern technology on body building. It has astounding performance proven effective for bigger, harder and stronger muscles. A lot of people has tried using it and testified with the amazing results. Specially designed just to be attached onto a door, you can have your gym at home, in the office, in the dorm or wherever you stay.

With the 11 minutes workout, there is no excuse for you not to get the abs and muscles that you want. There is no need for a gym instructor as you can just watch the DVD and play it while you perform the activities. Absolutely, no need to attend gym or fitness class and pretty sure, you could save on gas and time as you can do it right where you are. The Tower 200 is handy, portable and saves on space. You can keep it when not in use and conveniently hang it again when you will use it.

Tower 200 is composed of pre-assembled steel frame with multiple resistant bands which could be adjusted depending on your force and weight. It has a total resistance of 200 pounds and comes with a padding that will support your door. There is about 200 different workouts and exercises that you can select from and perform based on the target body parts you want to work out. Upon purchase of the device, you also get all the essential things you need such as hand grips, ankle straps, starter guide, DVD and exercise chart.

The price is reasonable enough with the results you will get and they offer money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Shape up your body using the Tower 200 and confidently show up the bigger, harder and stronger muscles you got.

Tower 200 by Body by Jake

The new Tower 200 is made by Body by Jake. It is a resistance band training that has been designed to be placed onto any standard door. It provides resistance of 200 pounds and has 200 different types of workouts. Its steel frames easily attaches to the door and comes to you pre-assembled. The resistant bands exercise the entire body, including the arms, abs, shoulders, chest, legs and more.

There are three bands that are color coded on each side; each with its own resistance level. Red: 40 pounds, black: 35 pounds, gray: 25. The two hand grips included can be connected to any cord or multiple of cords for more resistance. These grips can be attached at the top of the device for pull down exercises or attached at the bottom for press movements. It also comes with a pair of ankle straps that can be attached in the same manner as the grips. A DVD as well as exercise charts is included to provide you with workout plans and examples.

The most important feature Randy Couture’s Workout Machine is the multitude of exercises that can be performed with it. Once you have completed presses, pulls down or 21s, you will quickly feel it working and appreciate its quality. The major selling point is the convenience and simplicity of the Tower 200. This is because all the exercises that you want to do can all be done on one piece of equipment.

Within just a few seconds, the Tower 200 can be lifted and placed into any door of a home, office or dorm. Unlike other devices for the door, this has padding so it does not do damage to the door. It attaches to the door by hooking its top piece to the top of the door and hooking its bottom piece underneath the door. It is so easy to install that anyone can do it. Assembly is not needed because everything comes already together.

For more information about Randy Couture’s Workout Machine, the Tower 200, click below:

Tower 200 is really awesome

Tower 200 and Randy Couture

Get ripped like Randy Couture with the Tower 200

Can You Get A Body Like Randy Couture Too?

The simple answer is no. Not without diet and extra exercise. But what I can tell you is that Tower 200 is really awesome.

I saw the infomerical and it definitely hit “home”. Or rather, my apartment. I’ve been living in a my 2 bedroom apartment looking for a solution to getting in better shape and not having to spend a fortune or get a gym membership.

Click here to get the complete gym right in your doorway with the Tower 200.

Quite frankly, I just don’t have the time for a gym membership and don’t have the space for some major home-gym equipment. I’ve always had an issue with toning up my arms and I especially liked the resistance training for that.

Don’t call me “gay”, guys (though they’re not bad people, I’m just not one of them), but I really like Randy Couture and would die for a body like his. Anyway, I tried out the Tower 200 and saw results less than a week later.

I didn’t tell anyone that I had bought this gym because I wanted to get the results first and didn’t want any negative nellies to stand in my way. And I did start seeing results! My arms were more toned and muscular. What’s funny is that my roommate even noticed and he’s usually nose into the video games! And most importantly, my girlfriend noticed. What an awesome feeling. She’s excited about my continued transformation!

Now do I stop at 11 minutes a day like they say in the ad? No, I actually do more exercises because I want better than average results.

So if you’re looking for a change in your body, but you don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money, I highly recommend this Tower 200 system. It definitely gives you a great guide to getting the muscles and the physique you’ve always wanted.

Click here to try out your Tower 200 today.